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Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist. Today I wanted to talk to you about none spurs on the heels. I just had a patient come in and she said you know I’ve got some she, well first off had a lot of low back pain and I said well let’s go ahead and inject your low back because she had a herniated disc. But I said hey you know what, while we’re injecting the disc, not in to the disc, but around the.

Disc with homeopathic. Here in Utah, our licensure, we’re able to as chiropractors, inject homeopathic into muscle and into just underneath the skin. We have one that used with her. It’s called Discus Compositum. This is from Heel Laboratories. Discus Compositum helps with repairing disc tissue. We also worked with Traumeel because she had just fallen out of a car and hurt her back. So we used Traumeel and lymphomyosot to work with the lymph to draw it to open up the lymph and drain the lymphatic swelling around the disc. But, as I had gotten the.

Injection ready to go, I said let’s go ahead and inject your foot as well. So for purposes of this tutorial, we used, well actually drew up about 12 cc’s into this syringe and then we used a 20 gauge, or it’s a 20 gauge needle, 25 gauge needle. So it’s about that long. It’s kind of a longer needle, but you know what The issue is with injecting is the pain is in the first few, you know, like the first few, 18 inch of the skin. Once you’re past.

The 18 inch of skin, the tissue below, doesn’t really, you don’t feel that. But with the foot, and this is kind of a crazy one, because we’re actually injected. We took that same bit of information or bit of homeopathic that we injected into the back and we just went right into her foot this way and injected right into this spot right here. You can see the bone spur right here. So once we were able to inject right into there, we were able to put in a couple of cc’s of that same Discus Compositum, the Spascupreel, and the Traumeel.

The Traumeel is for trauma. The Lymphomyosot opens up the lymph and gets the lymph do drain the inflammation away. Then the discus tissue or Discus Compositum works with repairing soft tissue, ligaments, tendons, discs. Well right here, this is the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a, you can actually see it. You can see where that tendon is pulled really tight. The plantar fascia is not a tendon, it’s more of a fascial covering. What happens is because she’s pronating, this is like a bow and this is like the string of.

A bow. Right here as this drops, it opens up and causes torsion or pulling on this plantar fascia. Which then, the body will start to put calcium down to try to support the insertion of that, of that plantar fascia. So the body will put calcium down right there and that’s the bone spur. But all we did is put that in there and laid down that bit of information there in the form of a homeopathic. That’s going to help her body to detoxify that area, open up the lymphatics and get all that to drain away. That should help a lot. Plus we’ll.

Place an orthotic in there. An orthotic actually goes in and is going to hold this. This is a great time to show you an orthotic. The orthotic goes in and it will support the plantar fascia. You can kind of see how there’s a little bit of a curve there. So that would go in and support. This actually goes in like this and it’s going to support that arch. See that So it’s going to take the pressure off of this plantar fascia and this can actually reabsorb. What are you trying to tell me You can actually reabsorb a bone, a bone spur.

Yes, if you take the pressure off of it, Wolfe’s law, Dr. Wolfe back, a long, long time ago and all the medical journals, medical information says that if you can remove pressure on a bone it can reabsorb and will reabsorb through osteoblastic and osteoclastic activity, reabsorb those bone spurs. So the injection will help her to get rid of the pain and open up the lymph and get the inflammation to go away while we are correcting the issue with the orthotic, supporting and getting the bone in a better position, the arch in a better.

Position. So that’s what we do for bone spurs. I hope that helps you. Don’t be afraid if you’re one of my patients or if you’re in the area or even if you have a question about bone spurs, feel free to contact the office. We can hopefully direct you to somebody in your area or if you’re here in Utah or in the Davis County area we’ll be able to help you with an orthotic and with some injection. So I hope that will help you and I hope you.

Best Natural Treatment For Herpes

Best Natural Treatment For Herpes ATTENTION Here Is The Best Natural Treatment For Herpes That You Can Use At Home And Regain Your Confident Back healthy4livestheultimateherpesprotocolreviewlastreviewyoueverneed Having herpes, you might have been told over and over that there is no complete remedy. But now, when you have the newest and most efficient natural method, you will not have to think about living with Herpes virus anymore. The Ultimate Herpes Protocol provides you best natural treatment for herpes to follow. It will not only help you treat the painful symptoms of herpes but also eliminate the.

Herpes virus. It is really a scientific treatment, which is able to kill viral infections. In addition, it will terminate the herpes outbreaks and completely free you of the virus. This amazing treatment is a true solution to your problems. Numerous doctors have claimed that it is impossible to completely eliminate herpes virus. But you will be excited to know that their claims are wrong. WHY YOU SHOULD BELIEVE THIS Because it’s written by a herpes victim just like you! Ultimate Herpes Protocol Author Melanie Addington had been a REAL victim of herpes. When she.

Found that she had herpes, her worst time period started. Her boyfriend left her, drugs side effects made her works become terrible, the outbreaks caused ceaseless pains. Feeling exhausted, she let her parents know her secret, and her father, one of the Britain’s medical mavericks, started to research herpes natural treatment. He found a safe way to target the root causes of herpes. Read more her story here healthy4livestheultimateherpesprotocolreviewlastreviewyoueverneed Incoming Search terms Best Natural Treatment For Herpes natural treatment for herpes treatment for herpes treatments for herpes best treatment for herpes natural treatments for herpes.

KT Tape Abdominals

I’m Chris Harper and with me is John, and we’re here to demonstrate an application for abdominal pain. This is an application for your oblique abdominal muscles which are just to the side of your midline abs. Abdominal pain can be caused by muscular tears due to excessive twisting of the trunk. KT Tape helps treat this condition by relaxing and supporting the painful muscles, takes pressure off the area to reduce pain, and may increae circulation. For this application we’re going to place the body in a little bit of a stretch where.

We’re going to be placing that tape. So we’re going to lean back just a little bit. Okay, we’re going to take a piece of tape, one full strip. We’re going to find the logo end of the tape and twist and tear that backing paper to create an anchor point. We’re being very careful not to touch the adhesive of the tape. We’re going to place this up high, and we’re going to place this with absolutely zero stretch. Give it a little bit of a rub so that it sticks, and we’re going to remove the paper backing.

As we remove it, we’re going to leave a little bit of paper on the end of the tape just so you can something to hang on to without touching the adhesive. Okay, we’re going to apply nice even pressure and stretch this out to twentyfive percent. So if we stretch all the way, and then back off halfway and halfway again, that’s twenty five percent. We’re going to lay that piece down. Great, we’re going to apply that last tail of the tape with absolutely zero stretch. And get that to stick to the skin. Great.

Give it a little bit of friction rub just to create some heat and good adhesion. Okay, we’re going to take our next strip. We’re going to tear that off, one full strip. On the logo end of the tape, we’re going to twist and tear that backing paper. And being careful again not to touch the adhesive on the tape We’re going to place this just above that first piece, again placing the body in a little bit of a stretch that’s good. We’re going to apply that with zero stretch, and just like the first piece we’re going to remove that.

Backing paper. Leaving a little bit on the end just to hang on to so you’re not touching the adhesive. Great. We’ll apply that at twenty five percent stretch so all the way, back off halfway, and halfway again and then apply that down. Okay, and that last little bit we’re going to just take the paper off, and we’re going to lay that down with absolutely zero stretch. Okay, give the whole application a little bit of a rub, create some friction and some heat. That activates the adhesive so it sticks much better to the skin.

Okay, once that’s rubbed on, you can come up out of that position. And that looks good. Some helpful tips before applying. Make sure to clean the skin very well, remove any lotions or oils you may have on. Also, trim excessive hair to allow better adhesion to the skin. Be careful with removing and putting on clothing as this may roll the tape. Please seek care if the pain feels internal or increases, or if you experience spasms, swelling, or discoloration. Some complementary treatments may include ice, rest, anti inflammatory.

Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review Buy Best Ultimate Herpes Protocol Natural Treatment

Ultimateherpesprotocolultimateherpesprotocol Ultimate herpes protocol review is the best natural treatment for herpes in the market. Discover the best solution to end herpes madness fast naturally with no sickening side effects Melanie Addington and Ultimate Herpes Protocol shows you how to wipe out the root cause of herpes without side effects and it’s backed by scientific studies. It is totally different than other solutions and if you want to know more about Melanie’s system then read on Ultimate Herpes Protocol is an easy to follow report with step by step blueprint to fight.

Off both type I, type II and also shingles. The best part is it is a natural treatment and saves your body from harmful chemicals. Melanie has condensed every single treatment detail into this easy to follow report for you to read and treat herpes. This is the only system which attacks herpes in 3 angles at the same time. First and foremost it kicks your immune system to top gear and it is no brainer that when your immune system is sharpened like an axe, it can cut thru Herpes in ease and helps body.

To heal by itself naturally. From page 14 you can see 7 vital steps for nourishing and restoring your immune system naturally. And it is like putting seal on the front door to arrest any virus infection entering and hence it helps not only with treating Herpes but also other small infections. From page 20 you can learn how to detoxify and get away with headaches, digestive problems or fatigue. The second angle in Ultimate Herpes Protocol is totally different and it attacks by dissolving the protective protein coat and hence the virus becomes very weak agaist the strengthened.

Immune system. And the third measure is that Ultimate Herpes Protocol will stop the virus from replicating and growing in colonies. And hence virus will become more helpless and forced to leave out of your system soon. It is also due to this excellent report which gives state of the art at your finger tip. There are tons of testimonials from real users who have cured Herpes in record time, you better check out those before you buy especially one which talks about ‘the results have exceeded my fondest dreams 2 different tests with two.

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