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(Music) I’m Trish, and I came to Jaudy about six years ago. Woke up one morning and couldn’t move, couldn’t get out of bed, and went to see a million s, and they were about to cut my neck open, and decided at the last minute, I wasn’t going to go that route, so my nutritionist actually referred me to Jaudy. We had just moved to the area at that time, and it has basically changed my life because I am fine now. I did not have surgery, otherwise, I also had digestive problems,.

Bloating, my feet getting hot, swelling in my feet, lots of issues, and sinuses, red eyes and all of these things he’s helped me with, so when people ask me, what does Jaudy do for you, I always say, well, I’m not quite sure. He works with my brain, and he makes everything change, and it’s better afterwards. So as I said, I’ve been here for six years and I’m doing fine, People think. they don’t. they cannot get well and they have to go to a , and they have to take medication. I’m a person who doesn’t do very well with medication, so I didn’t want. I look for other options and Jaudy has a gift or knowledge, to be able to change your body to react differently.

It has to be brain functions really, right, and I feel that I just want to make sure that I’m on the right track, and I’m not doing anything, and then you can feel little things changing, and, in your body, and I feel, no, I’ve got to go because I do have a business, I do have stress, and I just don’t want anything to go wrong, so I am very aware of the fact that I need to look after myself, and stay on top of it, so nothing. that I don’t wake up one morning, and I can’t get out of bed again, so, and you don’t want to live getting older and live on medication and take pills, and I think it’s the way.

Of the future. I think this is how medicine is going to go, and you have to look after yourself because the medical system is not going to care for you very well. So, this is it for me. Give it a try. (Music).

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