Sciatic Neuropathy Emg

An EMG is an electrical test. It is designed to uh find out where um some nerve damage might be in a person’s body. Typically their arm and or their leg uh there neck or the back. Oftentimes patients are gonna need the EMG if they have numbness or tingling in different area. The EMG will help us differentiate uh different causes for numbness and tingling. It can help figure out where a person’s pain may be coming from and also maybe the factor that decides how we treat a patient particularly for patients who have.

Multiple things on their Xrays or MRI’s. A lot of patients may have pain that is a mystery. Um they will come in. They’ll have complaints and they may have seen more than one doctor who’s done a number different ask and they’ve all come back without an explanation and that’s a great opportunity to perform in EMG because that’s a different a modality to help find out why the patient is so uncomfortable. There is no other test like an EMG because it’s not an imaging study. Its a direct test.

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