Peripheral Vascular Ulcer Treatment

Oftentimes on TV you’ll see the advertisements for PAD, which is peripheral arterial disease. This is a condition, which causes blockages in the legs. And as one as it progresses, one goes from having cramps when they walk to pain even at rest. The pain even at rest may then progress to ulceration and gangrene. Up until a number of years ago the only option we had was open surgery. But within the last ten to fifteen years so many endovascular techniques have developed that perhaps eighty percent of people can now be treated with.

Balloons and stents and things like that rather than open surgery. The people find this more palatable and the morbidity and mortality is less. The risk factors for PAD are very similar to those for aneurysms smoking, coronary artery disease, which goes along with elevated cholesterol and hypertension. Those are some of the main things associated with PAD and diabetes. Many of the endovascular techniques for peripheral disease are outpatient, in fact most of them are. As you get more complicated and doing stent grafts and for aneurysms and things like that those people are at least admitted overnight. But more than ninety,.

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