Peripheral Neuropathy Walking

Hello my name is David Mann and I want to tell you where I was before I came to the therapy here at Bellevue Pain Institute. I was hurting, I wasn’t walking, I had a walker but that was about it and then I went to a cane but still struggled along and felt miserable. When we got here, I heard about Dr. Polzin but to tell you the truth I was very skeptical. I’m not one that just takes people for granted and I wanted to hear what they could do and.

What they can say and I was impressed and even my husband was impressed and that’s saying something. And I started. It wasn’t difficult and it didn’t hurt and that was something wonderful for me. I’ll tell you right now I’m walking without a walker, without a cane and I feel 100 percent better and at my age 88, going on another month 89 and I don’t feel that and I don’t think I look that. So there you are, it’s really hard to add to that, the change in a relatively short time, just a couple of months, its remarkable,.

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