Peripheral Neuropathy Taxol Treatment

I am donald abrams the chief medical adviser of the medical cannabis clinic Australia. A major problem in cancer treatment today is the development of painful peripheral nerve damage or neuropathy, im able to cure many patients of cancer who become disabled by peripheral neuropathy we know from animal models that cannabis not only can treat peripheral neuropathy induced by chemotherapy but actually can prevent it. We have three major classes of chemotherapeutic agents that cause neuropathy the vinca alkaloids the platinums and the taxanes and animal studies have demonstrated that.

Cannabinoids can prevent neuropathy in all of those different chemotherapeutic interventions. I think this is an area that we must study. Most of the patients I see in San Francisco with cancer use cannabis either inhaled or as a tincture or some other product while they’re receiving their chemotherapy. I have had patients totally avoid needing anti nausea medicine chemotherapy induces a lot of nausea and vomiting by just using cannabis products. People often say well how much should I use and should it be THC or should it be CBD or a combination.

Again because we are not allowed legally to study the medical benefits of cannabis in the US I don’t really have an answer for that and I tell patient’s try it and see but in my experience you know again most of the patients that I see what cancer are using some type of cannabis product and it seems not to interfere with their treatment and in fact improves their quality of life. We at the medical cannabis clinic Australia are providing a purified medical product that has a known percentage of cannabidiol our products are the culmination of latest.


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