Peripheral Neuropathy Pain At Night

Hey guys, welcome back, Dr. Kevin. Today’s topic is peripheral neuropathy. That’s a mouthful! It basically means foot pain and pain can show up in a bunch of different ways it can be a burning pain, a freezing pain, a pins and needles pain, a joint pain in fact peripheral neuropathy means damage to the very small nerve endings in the layers of the skin and of the foot. Most commonly misdiagnosed as plantar fasciitis. So today’s topic though is peripheral neuropathy. In fact, just recently I had a patient come in, uniquely, and her.

Name was David and David is one of the local Bellevue models, one of the first models for Nordstrom, she’s eightynine years old. On her first day with us, she literally shows up in a walker and at eightynine years old her sole desire was to finish out her days being able to dance with her husband. So on day one she shows up in the walker with balance issues as her primary concern because she wasn’t able to let go of her walker very well as well as just burning foot pain. After we spent ten weeks working on David, she was.

Able to throw her walker away and her cane, her husband was thrilled to say that they were dancing again as well as getting the house vacuumed. You can see this testimonial actually on our YouTube channel, it’s hilarious. Back to peripheral neuropathy peripheral, just to understand, that means to the side versus central neuropathy means damage or death to any nerve of the body. When we look at the skin of the top of the foot versus the bottom of the foot, the biggest difference of course is the presence of hair cells, same.

Bellevue Chiropractor Discusses Peripheral Neuropathy in Depth

Numbers of nerve but also a thickening of the skin at the bottom of the foot. In the layers of the skin, the small free nerve endings grow, they have no protective coating like the rest of the nervous system would have, and so as the skin falls off, you know, as our skin comes off every day, these nerves have a normal number of them that die everyday. And as long as the number that die and the amount that are born are close in numbers, then there is no neuropathy. So what’s neuropathy Well, quite frankly, the opposite more death.

Than birth of these nerves, it’s the only part of our nervous system that has the ability to regenerate. This is where we use our laser therapy and our proprietary Bellevue Pain Institute peripheral neuropathy protocols. I’m going to, in a future episode, describe and show you more clearly what those treatments look like, but once again, if you have burning pain, pins and needles, the feeling like you’re stepping on sharp shards of glass or tacks, or a numbness that is complete, coldness, the weight of the sheets at night across the.

Foot, across your foot is unbearable you’re waking up through the night with pain, you probably have peripheral neuropathy. I’ve got a bunch more to teach about peripheral neuropathy, it’s all I have time for right now, tune in again and we’ll go into more detail. Hint! Helpful tip for peripheral neuropathy quite frankly, if you feel burning pain, soak your feet in cold, but not ice, cold water for three minutes. Pull your foot out, let it dry and warm up naturally to room temperature and do that three to four times. This is especially.

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