Peripheral Neuropathy Infrared Treatment

Hey guys, welcome back. This is Dr. Kevin of Bellevue Pain Institute and today again we’re, as promised, we’re talking about the treatment for peripheral neuropathy or foot pain, numbness, burning, tingling, pins and needles. Basically what you’re looking at, is you’re looking at a red, infrared and ultraviolet light therapy boot. These boots are designed to stimulate the free nerve endings of the foot. In treatment, what you’ll see is the foot will be placed inside this boot, and will be wrapped around with a protective coating bag, and then what’s happening is each of these lights shines about a quarter size penetration.

Into the skin so there’s overlap. There’s a hundred and ten laser diodes in each of the boots, the wavelength the computer will go through a series of seven different settings which change the wavelength from six hundred and sixty to nine hundred and ninety nanometers of depth penetration, wavelength size. Which basically has a resulting effect of stimulating the mitochondria in the nerve cell. With that nerve cell stimulation, the mitochondria are free or available to produce more ATP, otherwise known as Adenosine Triphosphate, otherwise known as nerve energy. Nerves have two jobs number one job is to replicate, multiply and.

Divide, as well as increase the information, the electrical impulse, input up to the brain. After twenty minutes dosage, then we go through all the different therapies that is required to stimulate these nerves and reconnect the, basically the nerves of the feet to the sensory cortex of the brain. Studies have shown that the primary symptomatology or the derivation of origination of peripheral neuropathy nerve pain is actually in the brain. The best analogy that science has come up with for sufferers of peripheral neuropathy is actually the same as, or same neurology, as phantom pain suffered by amputees. When the brain does an assessment.

Chiropractor in Bellevue Reveals how his Clinic Treats Peripheral Neuropathy

Of the body, it recognises that there’s less input from the feet, and the sensory cortex literally becomes hyperactive or hyperstimulated. Treatment of choice in the medical arena is your top five Gabapentin, Neurontin, Lyrica, Topamax, Cymbalta basically a family of antiseizure medications that are designed to turn down the sensory ability of your brain. Side effects of course will be memory losses, lack of clear mental control or power, you know, brain issues that way which none of us want but also, turning down that phantom pain in the brain from the neuropathy. At the Bellevue Pain Institute, we’ve been treating,.

Successfully treating the symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy and enjoy over a ninety percent success rate, meaning that over ninety percent of the people that come through our program, and number one qualify for care, and there’s a big stipulation there, qualifying for care, because if the peripheral neuropathy is too severe we just flat out can’t take you because you can’t grow something from nothing. Ninety percent success rate with going through our protocols in as short as a seven to ten week treatment plan. Alright, encouraging times, encouraging things when we’re dealing with neuropathy, I look forward.

To teaching you more about it last time we spoke about a tip with burning pain and doing a cold water soak, another great tip for those of your suffering from burning pain, that act as a bandaid but can give you some relief in the middle of the night, is simply taking a hairbrush a highlydense bristled hairbrush and tapping the skin of your feet and of your hands that will stimulate the free nerve endings and overwhelm the brain, dimming down or dampening down the phantom pains, or phantom sensations of burning that you might experience.

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