Peripheral Neuropathy Examination Findings

Hi, my name is Nina Krilanovich. Nina, how did you feel before you came into the office I was in a great deal of pain my feet were, it was unbearable in the evenings, I didn’t really know how I could go on. What did you try before you came here I talked to my doctor, and did some physical therapy which loosened things up a little bit but really didn’t do much for the pain. What has your overall experience been through your care here It’s been wonderful the people here are incredibly caring and the whole ambiance in the office is very upbeat,.

Very encouraging it’s good to talk to other patients that have had improvement and I actually look forward to coming. And you diagnosis, what’s your reason for coming Oh, I have peripheral neuropathy in both the feet and the hands. So now you just completed your final examination, how do you feel now I feel so much better, I have almost no pain in my feet and I have feeling in my feet which I didn’t have before, and I feel much more confident in being able to maintain this and not have to go through life so depressed about.

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