Peripheral Nerve Or Dorsal Column Stimulator

I’m Dr. Ralph Rashbaum, cofounder of the Texas Back Institute. Part of my specialization is in chronic pain management and interventional pain management with the use of spinal cord stimulators. Denys Kendall, and I had the spinal cord stimulator implant. It’s been absolutely phenomenal, it’s been doing its job like a champ. He had the mishap of receiving the vaccination protocol, which I might mention when I was in the United States Air Force I received the same. You’re basically injected with all of these materials in order to qualify for sending you into hostile territory around the world. I got the first two in the series and.

Caused a massive staph infection. I had a bone infection, osteomyelitis, from the left hip through the left side of my pelvis, it destroyed my left SI joint and went up the last three vertebrae of my spine. So my L4, my L5 and my S1 were affected by it. There’s a lot of nerve pain that goes along in that, which is why the spinal stimulator was a great, great, great, great option. So as an evolutionary moment in neuromodulation, we talk in terms of gamechanging, this is a game changer. Most people know what a cardiac pacemaker.

Is, this is a neurological pacemaker. The one thing that could not be dealt with effectively was position changes in the body. The patient, in preparation, must engage the unit and basically tone down the power. They have to do that every time they sit, or stand, or begin to run, or bend over, otherwise they get surges. And the beauty of the IPG from Medtronic Medtronic sensor is that it does it instantaneously. You teach the device, and it, over time, learns those postures immediately unless it’s anticipating that and will either up the power or decrease.

NEW Spinal Cord Stimulator gets Denys Kendall back to life at Texas Back Institute

The power. And so in Denys’ situation, this was perfect, because it’s really sensitized to and basically important for that patient that seeks a more vigorous type of physical activity. I am almost a textbook definition of an adrenaline junky. I joke with Denys and I accuse him of being foolish in that he had to jump out of perfectly good airplanes as part of his engagement with the United States Military. Actually I did jump out of airplanes in the army. I don’t know that I would go jumping out of airplanes again, now,.

But I feel like I could. So, I guess that’s a plus. So for me it’s more just the simple nature of getting back to just being able to do simple things, like vacuum, you know, and I mean being able to get up and cook, because I actually have a culinary degree in it, so to be able to get up and cook without having to stop every five minutes because I’m having back spasms or the pain is getting too much for me. It’s not so much what activity, it’s.

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