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Paige Smith The holidays can be a headache. For most people when the holidays go away, the headaches go away too, but for people who suffer from migraines, escaping the pain isn’t that easy. Joining me this morning about a new procedure that brings muchneeded relief to those who live with migraines is Dr. Kenneth Reed from the Reed Migraine Center, along with patient ambassador Kim Rutherford. Good morning to you guys. So glad that you are here. Kim Rutherford Good morning. Dr. Reed Good morning, thank you. Paige Smith Dr. Reed I want to start with.

You. I want to talk little bit about this new procedure, the Reed procedure, and how does it work Dr. Reed It is actually an implanted unit, a small battery, very similar to a pacemaker battery, goes under the skin and tiny little wires pass up to the superficial nerves on the front and back of the head. You can’t see it. You can’t tell it is there, but when it is turned on, the patient feels a very mild tingling sensation in front and back of the head. Tends to be soothing, feels good,.

But importantly what it does in the vast majority of patients, it dramatically reduced their headaches. Often patients describe their severe migraines as basically gone and allows them to have their lives back. Paige Smith That is amazing news and what a relief to so many people who are watching that suffer from migraines. That was something that you have been suffering with. I want to hear a little bit about your story and how this treatment process assisted you. Kim Rutherford I started receiving treatment, taking medication for migraines around 12 years old, and as I got older, they would.

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Migraine Treatment Relieves Kims Migraine On Good Morning Texas News

Come and go and they slowly, progressively got worse, and finally when I was 20, I was at the point where I could not attend school, I couldn’t hold a job. They would just come on and I had no control over them. Paige Smith They were completely debilitating when you would have an episode with a migraine. Kim Rutherford Extremely debilitating. I would get out of bed and if I had a migraine, I’d climb right back in and take medication that usually would knock me out for the rest of the day.

Paige Smith How did this treatment, how did this help you manage your headaches Kim Rutherford It allowed me to have control of my headaches again. Instead of waking up and taking medicine and crawling back in bed and turning the lights off, I am able to get up and turn it up and go about my day. Paige Smith That’s amazing. You had dramatic relief as a result of this procedure Kim Rutherford Oh yes, it has been amazing. It really gave me my life back. Paige Smith You got your life back. I want.

To find out who is a typical candidate for this type of revolutionary procedure Dr. Reed Kim actually was an excellent candidate. The candidate for this is somebody that has very severe headaches, frequent, several times a week that it is really impacting their life, and importantly, they have tried other more conservative measures that aren’t working. This is not the first step in treatment. It is an implanted unit. It is the last step, but it is for people who have severe headaches that nothing is working adequately for them.

Paige Smith They have tried different types of methods to control the headache and still they are not having consistent relief. This type of treatment could be an option for them, so that they can, as you said, get their lives back. Dr. Reed Absolutely. Paige Smith That’s really exciting. For somebody who may be watching that is struggling with a migraine, how can they get more information about the treatment plan Dr. Reed It is easy to reach us and probably the best is the website,.reedmigraine. We have weekly or every other week seminars,.

Patient information seminars, people who talk to patients on the telephone. They are able to evaluate to see if this is the procedure for them. Paige Smith Wonderful. You are a beautiful young lady and I am so glad that you feel like you have a new lease on life. What a great way to start off 2012. Thank you so much both of you. We really appreciate it. Dr. Reed Thank you for having us. Paige Smith For any information on migraine relief, at.reedmigraine. Dr. Ken, thank you again so much for being here, and Tyne, let’s send it over to you.

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