Peripheral Meniscal Tears Treatment

This is doctor troy layton sportsmed orthopedic surgery and spine center in huntsville alabama we are working on a forty year old female with a torn cartilage the first picture is the patel femoral joint and now we demonstrating small area of arthritis next step will be moving into the medial compartment and on the top of the screen will be the end of the femur the bottom of the screen is the top of the shin bone in the structure in between is the meniscus and that is also known as the cartilage.

Now are moving into the notch that’s the acl or the anterior cruciate ligament and now into the lateral compartment immediately upon entering you’ll notice that this meniscus covers the vast majority of this joint surface this is a torn discoid lateral meniscus which is somewhat atypical where lifting it up showing the top in the bottom this patient had locking and catching in the knee because of this torn meniscus you’ll see us begin to resect the torn portion we describe this saucerization because we take the structure that is.

Half moon shaped and change it to its normal horseshoe shaped these forceps or biters that you’re seeing the screen resect a small portion of this meniscus and judgment is used as to the amount of meniscus that is resected essentially you take it back to what a normal structure should appear the baskets will be alternated with a shaver blade that contours and removes all those fragments you’ll see this instrument biting at a ninety degree angle begin trying to shape this meniscus back to the normal shape that it should be if it were not a discord meniscus.

Dr. Troy Layton Lateral Meniscus Tear Surgery Huntsville Alabama

Now approaching the final point of the resection we will use the shaver blade to remove the loose fragments and contour the edges so that uh. it’s a smooth transition from the old torn structure to the remaining new meniscus now you can see that it looks more horseshoe shaped in its normal in its appearance and that’s the shaver blade that will contour the edges it’s essentially a uh. sharp round razor blade that spins at a certain speed and for lack of a better word it buffs the edges of the meniscus or the torn cartilage.

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