Peripheral Lymphedema

As a disorder that affects more than 3 million Americans, lymphedema can be a debilitating and lifealtering disease. Understanding how to treat lymphedema is key to managing this problem because at the present, there is not a cure. However, there are ways to control the symptoms and return to a normal life. The number one breakthrough in this area is a lymphedema pump. The pump can move the excess fluid out of the limb generally the legs or arms that is affected, thus reducing swelling. This allows those who suffer from the disorder to regain use of the limb and resume normal.

Activities. How does the pump help The swelling caused by lymphedema often results in people losing the ability to dress themselves, walk and enjoy other activities. When learning how to treat lymphedema by using a pump, many people have experienced relief from this swelling. It is beneficial for a number of reasons. The pump has a sleeve that is placed over the affected limb. The pump also has a pressure level that is adjusted prior to putting on the sleeve. When the pump is activated, it inflates and deflates, moving the fluid from the area affected.

Back into the lymphatic system. This reduces swelling and pain. The relief that is experienced allows easier movement of the limb. The pump can be used in the comfort of the home without the need to travel. For many that may not live near a treatment facility, learning how to treat lymphedema by using a pump is another advantage. Since exercise is recommended for people who suffer from lymphedema, the pump can help to make this possible. When the arms or legs are swollen, exercise is impossible. By removing the excess fluid from the limbs, they are easier to move and exercises can be performed.

How to Treat Lymphedema

An improved outlook is yet another benefit. Often people who cannot do things for themselves or have difficulty walking from room to room can become depressed. Their lives are disrupted and enjoyment of activities that were pleasurable is no longer possible. This results in depression. Therefore, the advantages that a pump can provide are far ranging. Learning how to treat lymphedema can also prevent other problems. Since this disorder causes swelling, there are many problems that can result if it is left untreated. According to some statistics, it is thought that almost 40 of women who have breast cancer.

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