Peripheral Illumination

The new, intrinsically safe, Class I, Div 1, 3AA ProPolymer Dualie from Streamlight features the latest innovation in our ProPolymer line. Multidirectional lighting, the 3AA ProPolymer Dualie is one light with two beams. Utilized for long reaching 185 yard spot beam when you need to illuminate objects in the distance. Turn on the wide flood beam for close up work or use both spot and flood simultaneously to create a beam pattern that helps navigate trip hazards, makes multitasking more efficient and provides a greater area of light to help complete the task at hand.

The Dualie is Class I, Div 1 rated for hazardous locations, making it safe to use in nearly any environment. The engineers at Streamlight designed the Dualie for maximum functionality. The ergonomic shape makes the light comfortable to hold for extended jobs while the proprietary grip helps you keep a strong hold on the light. But if for some reason the light does get away from you there’s no cause for concern the ProPolymer housing makes the 3AA ProPolymer Dualie virtually indestructible. One handed intuitive activation allows you to easily select the illumination setting that works best for your situation. The rugged, integrated.

Clip sits flush with the handle so it’s easy to use and wont snag on your pocket or tool belt. When it’s time to put the Dualie to work, it grabs tightly onto shirts and gear giving you handsfree lighting. And we got another intrinsically safe DualFunction flashlight, it’s the Class I, Div 1, 3AA ProPolymer Dualie Laser. The Dualie Laser provides a long reaching beam with an integrated red laser for pointing out issues in the distance. It features rugged construction, noslip grip, and an integrated ergonomic clip that fits comfortably in your hand or grabs firmly onto.

3AA ProPolymer Dualie

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