Pain Treatment With Laser

We use our cold laser on a lot of different injuries. We combine it with other treatments especially with knee pain. Lasers are great at decreasing inflammation, increase the healing in cells. It does that by ramping up the repair cells inside the body and makes them repair much faster than they normally would. It’s going to increase the cellular ATP or energy inside the cell, so the cell has more ATP available and spends it to build and repair the cell down. It’s going to increase the blood flow. More blood flow means more nutrients.

It works great in place such as the knee where we have that internal knee joint. We’ve a lot of small muscles and tendons coming down onto that bone. The laser is going to be able to hit not just the superficial skin muscles and tendons stuff near the surface but it has a greater depth of penetration. This laser can penetrate by eight to ten centimeters, which is significant more than the older ones that can really only go about two to three centimeters deep. And for somebody who’s got.

An injury whether it’spatellar tendonitisor a small sprainstrain along the internal compartments or an IT Band, that laser is really going to make a big difference in speeding up recoveries. For the treatment we’re simply go put our glasses on for safety. As we turn the laser on, you can see that little red light. That red light is delivering about 5 joules a second to this knee area. That’s going to help with the repair. We’re going to move right along the skin into different areas to make that impact. It works great on a place such as.

Cold Laser Therapy of Knee Pain, Knee Sprains, Knee Tendinitis, and Chondromalacia Patella.

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