Pain Tailbone Treatment

Hi my name is Dr Kim Makoi. I am a holistic chiropractor from San Francisco, California and this is how to treat pain from a broken tail bone. First of all the tail bone is a tiny little bone also known as the coccyx at the end of this larger triangular shaped bone called the sacrum at the bottom of the spine. The tail bone is almost always broken in some kind of a fall, a hard land right on the butt and in the short term the way to treat that or to deal with the pain is to sit down using something called a donut.

Which is basically an inflatable little tube, looks like a donut, and you sit on it so that when you are sitting the tail bone is resting in the little hole area so it is not pressing up against anything while you are sitting. That’s going to be the most comfortable way to navigate sitting and then in terms of treating the actual tail bone there is usually not a whole lot of treatment involved in terms of setting the bone but it is helpful to see a chiropractor or somebody who is familiar with lining up the structural integrity of.

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