New Treatments For Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy Overview Full Information and Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy is a common condition occurring when injury or disease damages your peripheral nervous system originating from your brain and spinal cord peripheral nerves extends to your skin muscle and tissues or peripheral nervous system relays vital information between your body and the brain in the form of electrical impulses there are three types of peripheral nerves motor nerves regulate the movements love your body skeletal muscles.

Sensory nerves transmit sensations such as heat vibration touch and pain to the brain comic nerves regulate the activities up internal organs and glands each nerve is made up of many interconnected cells called neurons that transmit impulses at lightning speed this constant exchange allows your brain to respond to vital input from your body.

However damage to the nerves disrupts this critical link resulting in peripheral neuropathy damage to a single nerve called Monona Robert B usually results from injury or repetitive stress an example %uh Monona Robert E is carpal tunnel syndrome repeated impact to the nerve in your wrist may cause tingling pain and weakness in your hand arm and shoulder.

Government have multiple nerves called Paulina Robert the is far more common damaged typically begins in the nerves farthest from the central nervous system and progresses symmetrically Paulina Robert the can be caused by diabetes and other systemic diseases infections or exposure to toxic substances.

One or all the three nerve types may be affected and symptoms are specific to each damage to sensory nerves characteristic have diabetes can lead to numbness in your hands and feet with diminished ability to detect temperature insensitivity to pain or over sensitivity to pain Paulina Robert the may also cause damage to your motor nerves.

Which can result in muscle weakness twitching and pain common signs %uh nerve damage include intolerance to heat loss of bladder control gastrointestinal disturbances impairment a breathing.

And impairment up heart rate generally treatment of peripheral neuropathy is ain’t at treating the underlying cause and providing symptomatic relief if you have Mon owner op at the you may receive pain relief medications physical therapy to maintain muscle strength or surgery to release compressed orange trapped nerves if you have polyneuropathy your will treat the underlying disease to.

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