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Welcome back, you know your feet can be the first area on your body to show signs of serious conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Here to explain more, please welcome Dr. Robert Parker with Victory Health Care’s Foot and Hand Pain Center. We are hearing more and more about this thing called neuropathy. We’re seeing it on commercials and things like that. What exactly is happening in the foot or in other parts of the body as well when we say that word neuropathy Neuropathy, actually neuro means nerve of.

Course and pathology is a diseased state, so neuropathy is a diseased state of the nerve. It’s manifested by symptoms that everybody knows today. Symptoms like burning, tingling, numbing, and aching pain really people have numb feet at they still say that their feet hurt even though they’re numb. It seems like it’s contrary, but it’s not. It’s very painful. Different things can cause that. Diabetes again is one of those things that can lead to neuropathy. We have to ask ourselves, how do we get here You don’t go to bed one night and wake up.

With diabetes. It starts out with a condition we call metabolic syndrome. That’s not an illness, but we’re finding it’s a basket with several things high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, increased triglycerides, history of diabetes in the family. That means that you have enough any three of those puts you in that basket of being a metabolic syndrome patient. What’s happening with that patient is that the nerves are starting to swell. They’re becoming a diabetic. So, when nerves start to swell inside the tissues, we have these fibroosseous tunnels then what happens there’s a sugar that changes from regular.

Great Day Houston Medical Monday Neuropathy with Dr. Robert Parker

Glucose to sorbitose, that’s kind of a technical thing, with diabetes we all know that, then when you’ve got these fibroosseous tunnels that are not expanding with that nerve, then you’re becoming compressed and the whole thing is a compression issue. And that can be the pain and the numbness and the tingling. Exactly. A lot of times people might not go to get their diabetes checked or see if they even have diabetes, because there’s a study that says that there are millions of people walking around with diabetes that don’t even know.

It, but they will come in because they’re having issues with their feet, so oftentimes you end up diagnosing those types of things. That’s exactly right. In fact, that process takes 1020 years, as I mentioned before, and what’s happening is the nerves are being choked and the circulation to the nerves is being choked down, and they’re not healthy and so that causes the symptoms. How often have you fallen asleep on your elbow and your hand goes to sleep that simple little short period of time there. So these nerves changing.

Their health inside where you have the caking up of the sugars, sugar is horrible for our nerves, adds to the outside compression of the nerve and then internally, that sorbitol change, increases the pressure inside, so now these nerves are being compressed. Is there a way to reverse that That’s the whole thing that we do. Yes, there is. There’s absolutely paradigm shifts in our profession right now. It’s very exciting. This has been going on for really two or three decades. I started out with a guy named Dellan,.

Lee Dellan at Johns Hopkins who trained me in this surgery. He started out with patients who had carpal tunnel, they were diabetics and he would release the nerve here, if you’re looking for the tunnel for these fingers it would be here, carpal tunnel. The other tunnel would be down here for these fingers. He would release diabetic tunnels, being a hand surgeon at Johns Hopkins, and the diabetics would say, Dr. Dellan, when can you fix my feet and he’d say, Well, no I don’t fix feet. That was three decades ago, now there’s a.

Whole new system Because it’s kind of similar in the way that you’d address that then It’s exactly similar, because we have tunnels in the lower extremity now that we can release, for example, we call it tarsal tunnel, behind the ankle, we have a fibular tunnel that’s just in the calf, and the lower leg other tunnels. We’re taking a look at this graphic right here. You’re taking us to medical school I could probably practice after this! Exactly, these are joints of tarsal tunnel, you see we used to think it was just one ligament,.

Now we know it’s like four different tunnels here, and we’re in literally every week opening these tunnels and restoring sensation to the nerves because it opens up the vessels in the nerves they can start that, what we call axoplasmic flow, which is just the proteins that make nerves work, kind of like water in a hose. If you pinch a hose down, it’s going to end up with a little water at the other end and your grass will die, where your nerves die if you choke down nerves. What I like about this treatment is that,.

We hear a lot about medications to do things and often times, sometimes there are medications that cure things and there are other medications that just help you maintain and what you’re really trying to do is just get rid of it. Exactly. Not everyone that’s a diabetic or that has neuropathy can have these procedures. We have to diagnose them properly. We go through a good hour to two hours of diagnosis and testing to try and find out of people are a candidate for these procedures. But that’s an excellent point.

And once those procedures are done, oftentimes are they fine 80 get their restoration of sensation and that 247 burning, pain that you can’t sleep it goes away. We actually phase neuropathy now one through five phases which makes it really nice because everyone knows who has neuropathy, you can ask them, How long have you had this, and how did it go I show them this phasing bell graph, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 phases and at the very beginning where you’re just starting to get the tingling and burning.

And things like that, accelerates to 2 and at 3 we’re at 247 burning. And they’ll say, Well, I’m 2, I’m 3, I’m 4, or whatever. Is this one of those things that the earlier you get to it, the better the results Exactly, because in the past, it’s been thought, and even today very much, that you can only treat these conditions with medicines. Lyrica, Cymbalta, and Neurontin for the rest of your life until your nerves basically numb out and go dead on you. When they go dead, now you’re on the back side of that curve, that’s.

Where ulcers, infections, and amputations occur in the diabetics. So we want to get there before you get to that point. And just solve the problem. Yes. Alright, thank you very much. For more information you can contact Dr. Parker at 2814972850, or visit them at houstonfootandanklecenter. For other medical needs you may also call Victory Healthcare at 8552047246. They have doctors who practice in just a wide range of medicine or again, you can go footandhandpain. Alright, in honor of our rodeo week this week, don’t forget to log on to Facebook and let.

Us know what rodeo Houston event are you most excited about this year and why I actually like all of them, but I just, for some reason, think I need to ride a bull before I exit this earth, and Dr. Parker, you let me in on a little something. What’d you say I shouldn’t have told you when I was in college, like an idiot, my roommate talked me into putting 3 dollars down and signing up to ride bulls in our rodeo at the college. And you survived, though! I survived it, but when you stand on top of.

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