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From Martin Scorsese, the legendary director of that movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, that other movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and also these movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio Comes the Wolf of Wall Street.starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Strap in for the last film you’d ever want to watch with your grandparents. Featuring an average of 3.16 fcks per minute Fcking 30,000 fcking dollars! Fcking halfwit! Benifckinghana! Absolutely fcking not! Fckity fck fck! But fck it we can do better than that! Leonardo DifckingCaprio stars as a fcking hot young rich guy who hangs out on fcking yachts and has sex with fcking models.

.basically Leonardo DiCaprio. Watch as he yells his way to an Oscar nomination And watch as the guy who stole Best Actor stops by to pound his chest right in Leo’s fcking face. Fck you! Rejoice at the triumphant return of fat fcking Jonah Hill and recoil at the triumphant debut of his fat fcking penis. Thrill as he tries to shed his image as the funny fat guy in comedies. by becoming the funny fat guy in a Scorsese movie. You’re alright. we all love you. Shut the fck up!.

Experience the film that critics fcking slammed for glorifying the lifestyle of a corrupt Wall Street stockbroker. Even though he’s a fcking miserable wife beating drug addict who loses his business, family, and fortune. They do make qualludes look fcking awesome, though! Get off the phone! Hahaha! Jesus Christ, Jordan! Witness Scorcese break out every Scorceseism in the book, like a fckton of tracking shots fckin’ Voiceover See that humongous estate down there That’s my house. fckin’ freeze frames multiple fckin’ wives having a huge fcking hard on for And an ambitious criminal main character with a short temper whose pride is ultimately their.

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Downfall. I ain’t goin’ nowhere! So settle in for a movie that’s all about fcking excess, from the 3 hour run time To the fckin cursing Fck this, sht that, cck, c, ahole To all the people in suits listening to Leo talk To shots of those same people going fcking nuts. Starring TwoTime Oscar Nominee Jonah Hill Fk Me How I Divorced Your Mother The director of Iron Man The director of Her The director of The Princess Bride Shane Coach Taylor Dallas Oscar Stealers Club The Artist Formerly Known as Relevant.

The real Jordan Belfort, because that guy deserves a fckin break, right Fck. And Leonardo NoOscarO, which is crazy when you think about all the other people who have Oscars, like Three Six Mafia Al Gore Cuba Gooding Jr Dean Pelton from Community Sookie Catwoman Marisa Tomei Cher Nic Cage Mo’nique American Idol Quarterfinalist Jennifer Hudson Katniss Roberto Benigni TWICE! and the movie Crash The Wolf of Fcking Wall Street Sell me this pen. It’s the one Dicaprio used in Wolf of Wall Street. Boom! Fckin’ easy money right there.

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