Neuropathy Quadriceps

Sat too close to the fire one time i was drinking tequila Some alcoholic beverage And i was sitting too close to the fire And i. wait a minute That was on a different one That was on my knee Yeah, burned the hell out of my knee Sitting too close to the fire But this is another time when i put So this one right here is from me Putting a hot cup In between my legs I couldn’t feel it so It was burning me it Burned pretty bad.

I think this injury is probably Like 10 years old now And it is still there And the scare is still there So it takes a long time For these things to Go away, but My legs have atrophied quite a bit Here is what they look like A couple of people were asking What i have in my sock Well what i have in my sock Is my cell phone That’s my cell phone i keep my cell phone in my sock A lot of people that have spasms In their legs cannot.

Keep their cell phone in their sock Another thing that i keep in my sock Is my catheter. i keep my Catheter in my sock also My sock and i have my catheter in here So i don’t have to put my cell phone In my pocket or my catheter in my pocket It works good for me but You probably get A lot of infections If you get a lot of UTIs Then it’s probably not a good idea But i don’t have a whole lot Of good ideas sometimes.

Wheelchair style atrophy from 20 yrs of flaccid paralysis in Legs L1 injury 92211

It’s not too swollen today Was going to clip my toenails So here is my other leg My atrophy has set in pretty good So i. it’s been like 20 years That i have been in a wheelchair Since i had my injury so L1 incomplete burst fracture What it does is it causes Incontinence, bowel bladder Incontinence. And something that I did when i was over at The water Park was i ripped up My nail pretty good, but It looks okay, yeah it looks Like it is doing okay.

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