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Small fiber neuropathy is really an interesting condition because it consists typically of just burning, numbness, pain of the feet, sometimes the hands later on without necessarily having any abnormalities on your EMG or nerve conduction study. So what I tell patients and actually residents or students who train under us is that a normal nerve conduction study does not exclude a neuropathy. And we will confirm this by doing additional testing, specifically the nervous the the examination at the bedside asking patients about their.

Symptoms, for example, loss of sensation to cool or or hot temperatures, loss of pain sensation and also doing skin biopsies where we look at nerve densities in the skin both from the calf and the thigh as well as doing a special test that looks at sweat function both in your foot in in the legs as well as the feet to gauge the level of small fiber nerve damage. Small fiber neuropathy typically will progress unless the underlying cause is identified and reversed. Diabetes of course being the most common cause is always screened.

For. but once the more common causes are excluded and the focus becomes on excluding any underlying secondary disease process but also controlling pain because if patients’ symptoms of pain are generally controlled they tend to do pretty well and really have no other major functional deficits. I’ve really become interested over the years is how interconnected neurology and rheumatology are and one thing I often do on patients who have unexplained small fiber even autonomic neuropathy is have them see rheumatology or get evaluated for connective.

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Hi. this is keith currie from arkansas spinal care and neuropathy treatment center in Conway, Arkansas. Welcome to my YouTube channel. Here we are in June of 2014 and I wanted to create a YouTube channel for a long time, sharing patient testimonials from previous patients of mine, also current patients who had their last change by going through my program. Over the last eight years, I’ve collected many testimonials not just one or two and.

So i’m trying to get these all uploaded, so that you can watch them and see these people who were told, basically that they had no hope and thought they had no hope, and then they came through my program and it completely changed everything for them. I treat a lot of patients who have had failed neck or back surgery. I also treat people who don’t want to have back surgery. They just don’t want to risk it. They don’t want to avoid or have the possible side effects of general anesthesia, or scar tissue, or.

Nerve damage, paralysis, you know, bad things can happen with surgery even in today’s times. Most people recognize that and they do everything that they can to try to avoid it. Also with that, I drew up my own neuropathy treatment protocols and they have very high success rates with people who have a lot of different kinds of neuropathy. If you’re suffering from burning or tingling or numbness in your feet or hands, or a sharp pin prickly things sensations, or you can’t stand the feel, touch of a sheet, or cover on your skin, or the touch of the.

Clothes even, or if it feels like you’re walking on hot coals or thick leather. maybe you’re losing your balance. A lot of my patients come in and they don’t have very good balance at all. It’s because the oxygen supplies of those nerves has been interrupted, the nerves are inflamed, they’re not healthy, they’re becoming damaged. My program is designed to create and work with functioning of the nerves and creating better nerve health. And so, I hope you enjoy watching these testimonials. They’re very.

Special to me. they are special stories, these were real patients of mine. i do not pay for these testimonials. These people wanted to share their stories with you and others, who had been told that they had no hope and that needed help. And so they want you to know that this is the place to come, if you want to try something dramatically different than you’ve tried before. If you’re frustrated and you do not have results with anything that you done, failure after failure, well, maybe it’s time that you come to Conway, Arkansas,.

To get care in my office. I treat patients from all over United States. People come from very far away, to go through my programs but it’s because they’re proven to be valid and work for the vast majority of people that do them. Once again, I hope you enjoy this and I hope to see you down the road. The technologies that I use in my treatment program are FDA cleared and noninvasive,.

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