Neuropathy Of Fingers And Toes

Opposite fingers and toes is a dynamic, simple way to ease and relax the body. It’s helpful before and after surgery. It energizes the body and assists in the healing process. It also relaxes the back, and the entire body can reduce pain and discomfort, including neuropathy in some patients. Overall, it’s a great way to calm and nurture the body, whether you’re a cancer patient or caregiver. To start, just sit comfortably on the side of the recipient. Sit on the side that’s most comfortable for you to reach. You can begin by holding the pinky finger of one hand with the big toe of the opposite foot,.

Two to three minutes or until you feel a gentle pulsation. Then you can move again. The ring finger is held at the same time as the index toe. The middle finger is held with the middle toe. Then the index finger is held with the ring toe. And finally you can hold the thumb with the pinky toe. You can then repeat the steps on the other side of the body using the other hand and foot. If it’s comfortable for you to move to the other side of the body, do so.

But if not, the recipient can just place their hand where it’s comfortable for them and easy for you to reach. And repeat this series again using the other side. You can start with the thumb or with the pinky finger and move across, whichever is convenient and comfortable for you. Two people can also give this hold to one individual at the same time. They just simply each hold their corresponding opposite fingerandtoe combinations together, which is very, very relaxing and nurturing for the recipient. This is a great series of holds to do for someone while they’re in bed or in the hospital,.

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