Neuropathy Essential Oils

Music I like everyone else, I have a lot of favorite essential oils. but there are oils that I use on a daily basis and one of my favorites is balance essential oil. Music I like balance because of what it does for me individually. Helping me to feel soothed, helping me to feel calm, even helping me to feel more prepared to deal with all the things I need to deal with on a daily basis. There’s two primary ways that I like to use balance for myself individually I.

Love diffusing balance because everyone then receives the benefits and I love the aroma. But my favorite way to use balance essential oil is to apply it to myself topically and I do that either on the bottom my feet or around the back of the neck is a great place for me to use the essential oil. I believe that the real key is not to have a single oil that we use but rather a variety of ways that allows us to address multiple things. Music Thanks for watching if you enjoy this tip and you found it to be helpful.

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