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We appreciate what they did. Like I said, they’re probably one of the greatest generations, but it keeps our generation knowing that we’re here because of what they did, so it’s pretty cool. I first met Cory Remsburg, a proud army ranger at Omaha Beach on the 65th anniversary of DDay. A few months later on his 10th deployment, Cory was nearly killed by massive roadside bomb in Afghanistan. His heart had stopped, his lungs were collapsed with a hole in the right side of his head, and burns and shrapnel and everything, on his right side of his body.

All of these rangers could come and see him, could visit him, I think they all thought Cory was going to be a vegetable, he was just going to be this shell, with drool. It was heart breaking to see that, but they came back and when they came back they couldn’t believe the progress I think this was a good lift for him. I think he views this as he’s seeing results and Cory is all about seeing results. I’ve seen good results, I’ve seen Cory like I said not just physically but psychologically.

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