Neuropathy Caused By Lung Cancer

My brother died, he died of lung cancer and he was about the seventh or eighth member of my family to die of lung cancer and I had asked my doctor to schedule a chest Xray for me because I was scared. She told me that if you can see lung cancer on a chest Xray, you’ve got bigger problems. So she said, What you need is a CT scan and CT scans are very expensive, I had no symptoms, which is one of the problems with lung cancer, it doesn’t pop up until it’s in later stages.

I said I wasn’t going to spend that kind of money, $3,000 or whatever on a big if, you know, there might not be anything wrong. Little did I know, I had a cancerous tumor in my chest as I was talking with her, but it was at an extremely early stage. She said, Well, I just heard about a brand new program offered by Middlesex Hospital and you want to do this and at the time, it was a $250 CT scan and I said, Sign me up and five days after I had the CT scan,.

I got a phone call saying I have lung cancer. Four or five weeks later, I spent two days in the hospital, and that’s it. No chemo, no radiation, they saved my life because I wouldn’t have had any way of knowing that the cancer was in my chest until later, had it not been for that program, period, end of story, they saved my life. The idea of instituting a low dose CT scan program was just off the charts smart. When you’re the first time to do something, the word innovator applies.

Lung Cancer Screening With Low Dose Cat Scan Middlesex Hospital

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