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My name is Kathryn Elias, I’m a Macmillan Physiotherapy Specialist and I work in Singleton hospital in Swansea. When I first became a Macmillan professional, I noticed that patients who have been admitted or diagnosed with metastatic spinal cord compression were not getting the service that they needed so I created a new rehab pathway where it stated that patients were referred within 24 hours to physiotherapy. We’re getting patients out of bed a lot sooner, improving their quality of life. My name is David Phillips. I had throat cancer. I couldn’t walk and I couldn’t talk, great.

Great difficulty with anything. Without Kathryn, I wouldn’t be here now, she gave me the determination to survive. When Kathryn first came into the post, there was no specialist cancer rehabilitation or a dedicated physiotherapist within Singleton hospital. Up to 80 of patients were being discharged with a disability such as being in a wheelchair and their mobility affected. Since her input, this has decreased to 30 having a significant disability. Another initiative that I’ve been able to set up is the use of modern technology within rehabilitation and it’s the use of the Nintendo Wii. It’s exciting, it gives them some visual.

Feedback and it’s really motivating and we have a lot of fun. My name is Steve SpencerEvans, I have cancer of the jaw, I was very, very depressed. My mobility was virtually nil, I was going downhill pretty rapidly. Kathryn referred me to the cancer rehabilitation scheme. My physical wellbeing has improved tremendously, my endurance is growing daily and now I’m looking upwards instead of down. Cancer patients are surviving for longer but they’re having many consequences of their disease and Kathryn is there, she can actually get them back leading a good quality of life.

Macmillan Oncology Physiotherapist Kathryn Elias

I think she’s inspirational in what she’s achieving in cancer rehabilitation. Kathryn’s biggest gift I think is her ability to understand the person. Often, she will come and sit down with us and just hold my hand and we have a chat. The way that cancer patients are with you, it just makes my job very very easy, that I just want to improve services and I want them to have the best quality of life that they can have. My main aim in life now is to support Macmillan because of Kathryn. She really pulled me through.

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