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Spinal Cord Injury and Erectile Dysfunction Medications

Oral medications right now consist of viagra, cialis and levitra.And i do not have recommendations of which one or one specific one.I do have knowledge from my patients that some work better for some people, some work better for others.If you read about them, they should all work the same.The keys that i would tell people about, making the oral medications work for them, that frequently health care providers may not include in their instructions, are a lot times the oral medications work best on an empty stomach.Some people say.

They can have steak and potatoes and three glasses of wine, and their oral medication works fine.Other people know that if they eat that, then their oral medication is not going to work.The other very important thing to know about tryng oral medications is it’s not like it’s said on tv and joked about, you take the pill and you wait, because it’s actually an exchange of nitric oxide at the cellular level that medicines work.So for people with spinal cord injury, you want to take the pill, you want to wait 20 to 30 minutes.

And then stimulate the penis.If stimulating the penis is penetration, masturbation, oral sex, it’s the skin to skin contact and stimulation of the penis that’s going to maximize the benefit of the medication.And in fact, the medicine shouldn’t work unless you stimulate the penis.But again, a lot of times health care providers who prescribe these medicines forget to tell the patient that.So trial it on an empty stomach, trial it with stimulation of the penis and remember that is going to work about 80percent of the time.Now one.

Of the common questions people say, well, how long do you have an erection for generally, probably 3040 minutes, again remembering that the stimulation it’s what’s going to help.People also talk about the fact that the commercials say for cialis is good for up to 36 hours.Generally the best response is within that 2030 minute stimulate, they get the best response.Many patients with spinal cord injury may get a later response, but generally they say it’s not as good as the immediate one.And that’s for people with spinal cord injury.

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Access health whisper music most people don’t think twice about their morning bathroom routine, but for thousands of americans it’s a more complex process.We’re talking about people who need to use urinary catheters.Why does this become necessary , can you give us a little more insight to that well ereka not everyone has the freedom to urinate when they feel it’s convenient.Hhhmmm.Some people have a condition called urinary retention resulting from nerve injury to the bladder, which prevents the bladder from emptying voluntarily.Others have the opposite condition called urinary incontinence in which.

The bladder empties freely without control which can happen at very inconvenient times.Hhhmm.And we know these kinds of problems can cause inconvenience, they can cause pain, embarrassment, and even mood swings, but our guests today are here to show us how new catheter technology can help people better manage urological issues.Let’s welcome mary wasner, a registered nurse with a special training in urinary problems and dale spencer, a patient who has a personal story to inspire those who deal with this everyday.Welcome dale, welcome mary, thank you so much for joining us.

Thank you for inviting us.We’re glad to be here.Mary let’s start first with when would a person need to use a catheter for the long term.There are many reasons.Neurogenic bladder is one of those more common ones.The bladder and the brain aren’t communicating properly and it’s usually a result of some nerve damage.And it’s in essence, created the bladder to become ineffective.One of the most common causes of urinary retention of bladder activity is spinal chord injury.But other possible causes include parkinson’s disease, multiesclerosis and spinal.

Bifida.Now not everyone has this condition as a permeant situation.Some have temporary urinary retention that could be a cause by surgery, a side effect of surgery from prostate enlargement, or maybe from a bladder stone.Regardless of the cause intermittent use of an in and out catheter is a useful way to empty the bladder and manage a bladder that is not functioning properly.There’s so many people out there that just have a little bit of a fear, when it comes to catheterization.They think it’s going to hurt, they think maybe.

They might get an infection.Well the concern is reasonable, but not everyone has a choice.Fortunately, with proper technique and the right equipment, both the concerns and discomfort and eviction can be greatly reduced.So mary it’s about the equipment then there are so many different types and brands of catheters that are available to people in today’s market.We have a few that are here so let’s take a look at what we have.This is a older product.Hhmmm.This particular catheter is bulky.Can i see it is difficult to handle and it.

Can casue some discomfort.It is also made of latex so if you have a latex allergy this is a product that you can not use.There are other types of catheters that are available as well.There are different types of firmness, there are precoded hydro fillic catheters.We also have no touch products.Hmmmm.And in the no touch we’re able to prevent touch contamination just from the design of the catheter.Uhh dale i want to talk to you for a moment because you have such an incredible story that i.

Think will help alot of people get over any apprehensions they may have over using a catheter.Can you tell us your story sure, ereka.I’m in a wheelchair.Hhhhmmmm.Have been since i was age 22 due to a unforeseen tragedy.And so i had the spinal chord injury, i go to rehab and in my mind i’m thinking ok it’s all about working my upper body so i can become independent because i’m paralyzed at this point.Hhhmmm.Well, i didn’t realize that there’s this whole other aspect of you know my bladder, by bowels are working differently.

I had to learn how to use new products in order to catheterize.So as a key note speaker, i travel the country so i needed a product that was immedable to my needs.What i’m hearing from all of you is that if a recommends you need a catheter for the short or long term, there really is no reason to hesitate.We have wonderful resource, that’s called secure start.And it will help you to find information on lifestyle, al information.You can even have a personal advocate and the personal advocate can.

Help you find suppliers.It is a free service.There was an incident that happened to me a couple years ago that actually motivated me to call the secure start services line.Josh, who’s my personal advocate, walked me thru not only just the resources, the information about the program, but also different types of products.I use the vapro no touch product and that was all due to me calling the secure start services line.Wow a real person.We want to thank you dale for sharing your story and thank you mary for.

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