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Systemic lupus erythematosus, abbreviated as sle. This is a systemic disease, which means that it can affect the whole body systemically. The brain, skin, heart, lungs, kidneys, joints, the immune system, the vascular system, and the list goes on. Lupus means Wolf. Erythematosus means reddening of the skin.

Why did i show a red butterfly? Because a very typical sign of SLE is a butterfly shaped reddening of the skin. The way I remember this disease, is to imagine a wolf that attacks a woman, and why a woman? Because 9 out 10 patients are women. So the wolf bites the face of the woman causing a butterfly shaped erythema on her face. Then the wolf continues to bite all her organs one by one, because this disease is a systemic.

Disease, which means that it can affect all the organs systemically. Of course this disease has nothing to do with a wolf. But SLE is an autoimmune disease, which means that this woman called Emma have an immune system that attacks her own body, instead of only attacking bacterias, viruses and parasites. So Emma have an immune system that acts as a wolf inside her.

I will show you how we can find out if emma really has sle by diagnosing her. And then we will look at what type of medications we can give her. I want you to remember at least one thing from this presentation. That is Systemic Lupus International Collaborating s, abbreviated as SLICC. SLICC is a criterion that can help in the diagnosis of SLE. SLICC contains al criteria, immunologic criteria.

And biopsy criteria. We need more than 4 criteria with at least 1 al and 1 immunologic. Or we need 1 biopsy criteria and 1 immunologic criteria. So what does these 3 words mean? al, Immunologic and Biopsy? The synonym for , is .

So al criteria stand for the symptoms, signs and lab values of a patient in the . Immunology deals with the immune system that protects you from bacterias, viruses, and parasites. Immunologic criteria are usually lab tests that detect any problem with the immune system. Biopsy means that a cuts out a piece of an organ. For example, a small piece of kidney can be cut out, and then the puts this piece.

Of kidney in a microscope and looks for diseases. al criteria can be divided into Alopecia, which means hairloss. Skin problems Ulcers Heart diseases Lung diseases Kidney problems Joint pain Problems with the nervous system And blood diseases.

Skin problems can be grouped under the name cutaneous lupus erythematosus. We can divide these skin diseases into acute Subacute And chronic, based on the timing of the diseases. Acute diseases are usually those that happen suddenly with a short duration. Chronic diseases are ongoing for a long time. Whereas subacute means those diseases that are not yet chronic but has passed the acute.

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