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You took the time to explain All of your symptoms to your Doctor and even though you Did that you now learn that Your cancer was misdiagnosed Now you have questions now you Want to know how doctors go About getting to the right Diagnosis hello I am Maryland Medical malpractice attorney Marcus Boston And I would ike to talk to you today Briefly about a concept in medicine Called differential diagnosis when you Had an opportunity to speak with your Doctor your doctor should have asked you Some questions in regards to what are.

Your complaints what are your symptoms Where are you having pain for example if Its a breast cancer situation the doctor May have asked you if you feel any Lumps anywhere are you may have told Your doctor doctor I feel a lump here The reason why this is important is Because what doctors do is they take Your symptoms and your history and Then they go and make a list either In their mind or in their notes On the posbile diagnosis that Could be associated with your symptoms Once they make this list the doctors.

Will then prioritize the list the more Serious diagnosis will go first and then They work their way down once they Have done all of this then your doctor Should order tests to eiher conclude that You do have this diagnosis or you don’t Have this diagnosis and if the test reveal That you don’t have this particular Diagnosis they cross it off of the list This process requires the doctor to Go through a step by step checklist To get to the right diagnosis it also Prevents the doctors from using guess.

Maryland Medical Malpractice Attorney Marcus Boston Discusses Cancer Misdiagnosis Cases

Work as to what your diagnosis is because Doctors cannot needlessly endanger their Patients a differential diagnosis is very Important so why have I taken the time Today to explain this very important concept To you because like I said earlier you are Watching this tutorial because you have Questions you want to know could your cancer If it would have been caught in time would You have had a good chance of beating your Cancer this is what I invite you to do Pick up the phone and give me a call.

I can be reached at 3018504832 or If you would prefer to send me an Email first initially go ahead and send Me an email to medicalinjurybostonlawllc We answer questions like yours all of the Time regarding Maryland law and we Would be glad to answer your questions Also if you are watching this tutorial right Now on take a quick moment to like The tutorial if you like what you just heard And subscribe to our channel By liking the tutorial and subscribing to Our channel what you do is you help other.

People who are on the internet searching For the answers to their questions And if you subscribe to our Channel you will be alerted as soon As we upload helpful content just like What you are watching today and we upload Our content very frequently we have over 250 Tutorials on our page Boston Law Group LLC Is a Maryland medical malpractice law firm Helping those who have been the victim of Medical malpractice throughout the state Of Maryland again I am Marcus Boston and I Am one of the medical malpractice attorneys.

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