Inflammatory Neuropathy Definition

Neuromuscular disease or neuromuscular medicine specifically pertains to diseases of nerve roots, anterior horn cells, which are located in the spinal cord, peripheral nerves, nerve muscle connections or muscle itself. One of the things that I was very blessed and fortunate to be able to bring here to Ohio State and to central Ohio was the ability to evaluate and manage autonomic neuropathies or diseases that specifically affect the autonomic nervous system which I tell patients is kind of like your automatic nervous system. One very common diagnosis that patients get referred to me for is POTS or postural tachycardia syndrome,.

Which is a very common cause of chronic fatigue. It used to be called chronic fatigue syndrome and which has very good available treatments but unfortunately many physicians in the general medical community are not aware of this diagnosis. I also bring a particular interest in autoimmune neurology in autoimmune neuropathies like CIDP or chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculo polyradiculoneuropathy or AIDP or GBS as it’s commonly known. I also have an interest in small fiber neuropathies and diseases of the peripheral nerve. Now with that said, I still see patients with muscle disease, with diseases of the nerve muscle.

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