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Title VA Research Reflections and Accomplishments gtgt This is really one of the great purposes of VA Research gtgt is to help Veterans and understand their conditions gtgt and find treatments for the conditions that are specific to what they get while they were in the military. gtgt VA conducts research to find new ways of diagnosing and treating disease. gtgt If VA and others didn’t conduct research, we would be stuck where we were 100 years ago, gtgt or 200 years ago, or maybe in the Middle Ages. gtgt So, society needs to support this, so that we find treatments for conditions,.

Gtgt find new ways of diagnosing conditions, gtgt find ways of preventing conditions. gtgt It’s been these most recent years, the last eight years, gtgt that I think have really felt transformational gtgt when it comes to VA research. gtgt Clearly, we live in a time of some national challenges, but we have enormous opportunities. gtgt So, despite our national challenges, it’s been a period of really gtgt accelerating, important growth in the VAs research portfolio. gtgt I, like many people, attribute that in significant part to the work of my friend and colleague Dr. Joel Kupersmith.

Gtgt whom I first worked with when we were both deans gtgt and I was so pleased to see him move into the VA Research leadership role, where weve been great partners. gtgt The biggest challenge to run a major research program is to make the most use of the resources gtgt to get the most research, the most help for people gtgt out of those resources, is the biggest challenge. gtgt When the nation was first coming to grips around comparative effectiveness research, gtgt I can remember that Joel authored an essay on the value of comparative effectiveness research.

VA Research Reflections and Accomplishments

Gtgt And I think it really changed the way a lot of institutions viewed that. gtgt And since then, now with this new emphasis on patientcentered outcomes research, gtgt the early work and the championing of that that the VA did under Joel’s leadership gtgt I think really set the stage for all of us to engage more widely in comparative effectiveness research. gtgt And I should say the same thing about implementation science. gtgt Before Joel started talking about implementation research, gtgt there were a lot of people that didn’t even know what it was.

Gtgt But when the VA embraced it, and it’s really looking at not only doing comparative effectiveness research, gtgt but understanding how to implement that in routine practice, gtgt Joel was the big proponent of that, and I think help set the stage for that to become gtgt much more broad than it was initially. gtgt I’ve known Joel Kupersmith for many years, back when he was in training even, gtgt and admired what he’s accomplished at every stage of his career. gtgt In the last eight years, he’s been an extraordinary leader.

Gtgt for the Research and Development program at the Veterans Adminstration, gtgt and he’s done a lot in that job to help Veterans and to help the nation. gtgt Our overall goals have not changed much over these eight years. gtgt I think the details have changed, because we have findings, gtgt and then, based on those findings, we move ahead. gtgt So, the research projects depend on previous findings, and the situation, gtgt and the situation of war has not changed. gtgt We deal with Veterans in the longterm, so the fact that the war ends,.

Gtgt won’t change the fact that we have to deal with these conditions when they come back. gtgt It is very important that Veterans and the nation at large know about VA research, gtgt so that, one is they know what benefits have derived from it, gtgt and that they know why people are spending money on it. gtgt So, I think it’s very important that the public at large know about VA research. gtgt It’s very difficult, because most people don’t think that VA does research, gtgt they don’t know that VA does researcheven many Veterans don’t.

Gtgt And we have done our best over the last eight years to make at least Veterans aware of it gtgt and at least make those who are stakeholdersVeteran Service Organizations and others like that gtgt aware of what we’re doing. gtgt One of the important things that Veterans should know is that gtgttheir participation is research is crucial. We can’t do research without their help, gtgt and that’s another reason why Veterans need to know about it. gtgt I think there is an understanding among those who decide on these things.

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