Gum Pain Treatment Remedies

Welcome to healthcare at home. We have received an email from Mr.Avinash. He says that his gums have become very weak and because of that his teeth have also become weak. And he is afraid that his teeth will fall very soon. He has used many types of toothpaste and also tried many things, but that has not gave any good results. So he has requested some home remedy, which can give him good results. Mr.Avinash there is a remedy and that is too very simple one. What you have to do is take salt.

Salt is found in every household. Take table salt. Add one or one and half tea spoon of mustard oil in one tea spoon salt and mix it. After mixing it apply it on your gums properly. Brush your teeth with whichever paste you may be using. And apply this paste on your gums after that. Mix mustard oil and salt properly. And apply this paste all over your gums properly. After applying gargle with normal water. After one time use only you will observe that your gums have become stronger.

Your gums will hold your teeth tightly. As you were feeling earlier that your teeth will fall out because of weak gums that will become tight after first time use of this remedy. And if you have problem of gum bleeding then add pinch of turmeric powder in this mixture This will cure your gum bleeding problem and also if you have any infection that will also be cured. Just use salt and mustard oil mixture 2 times a day in the morning and night. then you will notice within first 23 days only your problem will be cured for which you must have tried.


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