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Epilepsy and Gluten Sensitivity

Epilepsy, it effects 3 million americans and generally, we as treating physiciansas neurologistsdon’t know the cause.Certainly in some cases the cause is readily identifible, but most cases of epilepsy are what we call, idopathic, meaning we don’t understand the cause.And again, that’s 3 million americans.Now, the goto treatment for epilepsy is obviously using medicationwhat we call anticonvulsive medications.But let’s have al look at kind of another perspective on what we should be thinking about in terms of this sometimes devastating situation.This is a study published in the journal neurology, a very well respected peer review.

Journal that describes the case of an individual, a 30 year old man who has a headache history for 2 years, and also what are called refractory seizures, meaning that despite giving this gentleman seizure medication, his seizures continued.In addition he has other issues of chronic constipation, he has a rash on his elbows and his knees, and interestingly the researches found that his antigliadin levels, antibodies against gliadin, which is something found in gluten, in wheat and barley and rye, were elevated, meaning he was reacting to glutencontaining foods.And what they did for this gentleman was really.

Quite interesting.They went ahead and put him on a glutenfree diet.And what they found when they did that was that his seizures completely went away.So not only did his seizures go away, but his blood work actually normalized as well.Very interesting.Giving a gentleman with a seizure disorder a glutenfree diet and his seizures went away.And here’s another case of a 23 year old woman who has seizures for 11 years, also called refractory seizures, meaning that nothing could help her in terms of pharmaceuticals.They put her also on a glutenfree diet and her epilepsy went away.

Well, the reason we’re having this discussion today is because of this recent article that appeared in the journal neurology calling for us to look at treatment of epilepsy in a different way.The study is called epilepsy surgery trends in the united states 19902008, again, published in the journal neurology.Stating, and i quote, temporal lobectomy, and that means taking out the temporal lobe of the brain continues to be heavily under utilized as a treatment for epilepsy.Patients who are medically refractory after failing 2 anti epileptic medications should be referred to a comprehensive epilepsy center for surgical.

Evaluation.And this is a picture of what it looks like when you’ve had your temporal lobe of your brain removed.So what this study is saying is that if you are refractory, meaning that you’re still having seizures, after two medications have been tried, then you should be referred to a center to have your temporal lobe of your brain removed.Now i opened this tutorial showing you cases of patients who had gluten sensitivity whose epilepsy resolved when they simply went gluten free.Let’s take a look at another.

Study.This is a report called, gluten sensitivity from gut to brain, written by a british researcher named marios hadjivassiliou, published in the journal lancet neurology.And he tells us that most patients who present with neurological manifestations of gluten sensitivity may have no gastrointestinal symptoms.And what that means is basically that we should always have a high index of suspicion for gluten sensitivity, even if there are no gastrointestinal issues.My point is this that prior to taking out somebody’s temporal lobe, what would be the harm of trying that epilepsy patient on a glutenfree diet at the very least you’ll.

Fluoroquinolones and Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy, this is an often devastating condition in which people develop pain and numbness in their hands and feet.Basically they’re told on the evening news that they should be taking this or that medication so that they can get through life.That’s treating the smoke and ignoring the fire.Those medicines that you’re seeing advertised don’t treat the neuropathy, they only treat the symptoms.But what’s causing peripheral neuropathy well we know that in america, one of the biggest causes of peripheral neuropathy is being diabetic, which is clearly related to the foods that you eat by and large.Becoming.

A type 2 diabetic dramatically increases your risk for having peripheral neuropathy and in fact being devastated by it.This is a disease that effects 1 in 15 americans.Let’s take a look.So again this is 1 in 15 americansthis is 20 million americans afflicted by this disease, that aside from diabetes, we’re told the cause is unknown.Well maybe that’s not exactly true.Last month, in the journal neurology, an incredible study was published describing a relationship between what are called fluoroquinolones, and the risk of developing a peripheral neuropathy.

You may not know what fluoroquinolones are, but chances are you may have actually been exposed to fluoroquinolone.These are antibiotics used for treating things like upper respiratory infections and even urinary tract infections.Things like levaquin and cipro are commonly used in walk in s.If you have a urinary tract infection, you may have received these mediations.Well, here’s what the study showed us so this is a study published in september 2014 that looked at men between age 45 to 80 years of age followed for a 10 year period and in this group there were over 6,000 cases.

Of peripheral neuropathy.And they compared these individuals to about 25,000 aged match controls, and what they found was that risk for developing this devastating condition called peripheral neuropathy was doubled in those individuals exposed to this class of antibiotics called fluoroquinolones.And what the researchers also told us is that, and i quote, fluoroquinolones have been shown to neurotoxic.Oral fluoroquinolones have also been associated with reported cases of psychosis and seizures, which similar to peripheral neuropathy have been shown to be acute events occurring within days of fluoroquinolone use.

In light of strong evidence of unnecessary prescribing of oral fluoroquinolones in the united states, ians must weigh the risk of pn against the benefits of prescribing fq when prescribing these drugs to their patients.We’ve got to practice medicine under the dictum of above all do no harm.One of our most well respected peer review journals is now telling us that the use of these medicationsthese fluoroquinolone antibiotics is associated with doubling of the risk of peripheral neuropathy.A disease which often is not treatable.So keep that in mind the next time you think.

Gluten Sensitivity And Peripheral Neuropathy

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People With Celiac Disease May Be At Higher Risk Of Neuropathy

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Fluoroquinolones And Peripheral Neuropathy

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Dr peter osborne review depression and severe nerve damage resolved going gluten free,This patient recovered from severe depression and neurological damage after going through dr peter osbornes protocols and converting to a true gluten free. Epilepsy and gluten sensitivity,Epilepsy it affects 3 million americans and generally we as treating neurologists do not know the cause certainly in some cases the cause is readily identifiable. Gluten free weight loss and nerve pain issues resolved,Functional medicine case neuropathy neck and back pain intestinal bloating swelling of the ankles all resolved with simple lifestyle changes these results.

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