Femoral Neuropathy Differential Diagnosis

Hello friends this is Vadim Pryadko and Anatoly Petruk. Today we will practice for the diagnosis of tuberculosis and atypical mycobacteria Simultaneous sample is the simultaneous introduction of the tuberculin PPD and antigen atypical mycobacteria abbreviated AAM which diagnosis is carried out on Stallion Orland hinders shoot the film those farms where there are atypical mycobacteria Now Anatoly will provide training in the administration of bovine PPD and AAM It will cut off the hair of animals in the middle third of the neck to the left and right sides.

Clip out hold for 710 days before the expected sample. When trimming shears are not detached from the surface of the body They must like slide then you do not will inflict a wound If you are dealt a cut. You will have 710 days to wound healed Do not cut out a wool at the location of the lymph nodes, the jugular vein, papillomas, dermatitis, wound If the animal is kept on a chain in a place not trim the friction chain. Cut out a wool in all animals older than 40dayold.

The next step Simultaneous sample Step Two. introduce PPD and AAM Wiping the injection site with alcohol 70 On the right side AAM Charge the needleless injector until it clicks Pressed against the skin. push the button Should form a swelling the size of a pea Similarly, we proceed with the PPD. Wiping the injection site with alcohol 70 After 72 hours, the reaction spend reading Let’s look at the reaction Creases thickness at the site of the PPD 10mm The thickness of skin folds near the site of administration PPD 10mm.

..Tuberculosis.DiagnosticsSimultaneous sample

Negative reaction Measurement obtained from the PPD. If the reaction is negative the right side does not check Positive reaction whereas when the difference between the thickness of skin folds greater than 3 mm If there was a reaction to PPD, we have examined the reaction to the AAM If the reaction to PPD more than AAM animal sent to slaughter Diagnostic If the reaction to the AAM more than PPD animal remains in the herd In the case of a positive reaction the animal slaughter for 5 days During slaughter taken lymph nodes and.

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