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Peppermint Oil Benefits and Uses

Hey, guys, Axe here, of functional medicine and founder of draxe.Today, i’m going to talk to you about one of my favorite essential oils, and that’s peppermint essential oil.Peppermint oil benefits are incredible.The uses of peppermint essential oil have been proven for thousands of years.I want to start with this, and this is going to surprise you i bet.When i started looking into essential oils and their health benefits, i knew they were used throughout history for over 5,000 years.I knew they were beneficial, but i didn’t know how many medical studies.

There would be on them.When i went into pubmed and started looking at the medical literature, i was shocked to find out on peppermint oil alone there are over 1,200 medical studies.So over a 1,000 medical studies on this essential oil in proving that it helps heal your digestive tract, that it improves your breath, that it fights cancer.Some incredible benefits there of this essential oil.What makes peppermint oil so powerful is it contains a compound called mentho or menthol.This compound has been shown to act as an analgesic on the body, reduce inflammation, and act as an antioxidant.

I want to share with you some of the best ways to use peppermint oil.By the way, peppermint oil is one of the top two used essential oils in the united states today along with lavender essential oil.But peppermint oil, one of the most common ways i use it is as a natural breath freshener in my natural toothpaste recipe.What i do for my natural toothpaste is i mix coconut oil with baking soda in equal parts, let’s say a tablespoon of each, along with about 20 drops of peppermint oil.Mix that together.That’s what i use for my natural toothpaste.

At home using peppermint essential oil.The other way i’ll use peppermint essential oil is just as kind of a natural mouthwash or breath freshener is i put one drop in water and drink it down.It freshens the breath.Another way peppermint oil has been shown to benefit your health is by naturally boosting your energy levels.In fact, there was a recent medical study that found by just smelling peppermint oil it naturally increases your energy levels.My wife carries this around in her purse with her.Before we go into a workout, sometimes we’ll smell it.

I know a professor, and this is incredible as well, who works with his students and he actually diffuses cedar wood oil and peppermint oil during his class, because cedar wood oil has been shown to help adhd symptoms and improve focus.Peppermint oil improves his energy and concentration.So he actually diffuses this oil in his classroom to help his children focus while they’re test taking.So, this is great for that reason as well.Peppermint oil has also been shown in medical studies to help soothe irritable bowel syndrome.

And leaky gut like issues.If you struggle with digestive issues, peppermint oil can really help soothe and cool your digestive tract.Just one to two drops in water taken daily is greatly beneficial.Or, you can actually just put it right on your skin as well.Another great thing to use peppermint oil for is to open your airways for bronchitis, allergies, or asthma.You can mix peppermint oil with eucalyptus oil and use it as a natural vapor rub.So again, a tablespoon of coconut oil, five drops peppermint, five drops eucalyptus,.

Rubbing that on the chest is a natural vapor rub, helps open up the lungs and airways.It’s also great during allergy season whether you just put a drop under your tongue, or do it in water, or rub it again on your neck.It really helps open the sinus airways and lung airways helping you breathe better.Also, it can help eliminate headaches.If you’ve got headaches, mixing three drops of lavender oil, three drops of peppermint oil on your hand, and rubbing them on your neck area actually has been shown to naturally help relieve headaches.

It also can be used if you’re making your own at home muscle, sort of a muscle rub.In your at home muscle rub, peppermint oil is one of the best along with frankincense.You can mix that with some coconut oil.If you’ve got sore muscles or sore joints after a workout or even arthritis, you can rub peppermint oil mixed with coconut oil right on the area and it can naturally relive pain.I could go on and on.With over 1,000 medical studies done on peppermint oil, we know it’s.

Greatly beneficial.I wanted to offer you guys a gift for a limited time only.On my website right now, i’m giving away a free ebook on essential oils.It’s typically a $25 value.Right now, it’s free.If you want to check out the ebook, just go to draxe and search essential oils.Any of my essential oil articles, we have that ebook attached there.Even if you go to google right now and do a search for Axe peppermint oil, in that article you’ll find my free ebook.

My Dogs Trigeminal Neuropathy Or Drop Jaw

My dogs trigeminal neuropathy or drop jaw,My dogs jaw was droopy drop jaw and he was diagnosed with trigeminal neuropathy it started as just his teeth showing in the morning but progressed. Degenerative disc disease in dogs,Tvet degenerative disc disease is a common disease of some breeds of dogs especially the dachshund the normally soft cushion disc cushion. My dog casey with vestibular syndrome,My dog casey with vestibular syndromedisease always consult a vet first casey showed acute signs of this a few days ago he acted completely intoxicated.

Peppermint oil benefits and uses,Draxe today im going to talk to you about peppermint essential oil and its numerous benefits and uses there are over 1000 medical studies alone. Dog jaw surgery animation,20second animation of surgical procedure performed on whiskey a munsterlander breed dog at uc davis veterinary medical teaching hosptial uc davis. Trigeminal neuritis in canine,My 4 year old black lab has been diagnosed with trigeminal neuritis and its basically were the lower jaw is paralyzed for 24 weeks then they snap out of it one.

Trigeminal neuritis in dogs aka dropped jaw supportive drinking session,Trigeminal neuritis in dogs aka dropped jaw is characterized by the acute onset of inability to close mouth ie jaw paralysis which results in difficulty eating or.

One hour delta healing ii nerve pain isochronic beats solfeggio karmic beats,Healing and pain relief for nerve pain trigeminal neuralgia facial pain fibromyalgia fm sciatica carpal tunnel syndrome occipital neuralgia other. Turk dog jaw spasm chattering tutorial finally diagnosed treated,About a year ago our dog turk started having chattering spells mostly just after waking from sleep or after a workout with a chew toy we spent a lot of money.

Bells Palsy Facial Massageexercises PDF Pamphlet Download

Bells palsy facial massageexercises pdf pamphlet download,If this was helpful feel free to donate to support me and my family.

Trigeminal nerve anatomy cranial nerve 5 course and distribution,The trigeminal nerve the fifth cranial nerve or simply cn v is a nerve responsible for sensation in the face and motor functions such as biting and chewing. Trigeminal neuritis,My dog max has difficulty eating and drinking with his open mouth i took him to the vet yesterday and was given pain killers and antibiotics he constantly drinks.

Mirvaso treatment for facial redness caused by rosacea,Mirvaso a prescriptiononly gel is now available for the persistent redness caused by rosacea watch how in just a short amount of time the redness begins to. Cold laser facial,Desertcryotherapy our cold laser therapyalso known as lowlevel led light therapy supplies energy to the face in the form of nonthermal. Cold laser therapy,Energyhealerstevethelasertherapypen energy healer steve shares on the many uses of cold laser therapy this is also known as low level.

Severe Facial Pain From Sinus Surgery Tinnitus Bilateral Rotator Cuff Tears From Seizures

Severe facial pain from sinus surgery tinnitus bilateral rotator cuff tears from seizures,In 2004 this patient had sinus surgery where his burned his right inferior turbinate and damaged his trigeminal nerves causing atypical trigeminal. Pet stop vet canine molar extraction,This collie dog had a carnassial or upper 4th pre molar abscess which required extraction everything went very smoothly with almost immediate relief for the. Chronic trigeminal neuropathy,Description.

Doing facial with an amazing energy tool to look more younger and wrinkle free easy steps,This is a super easy tutorial tutorial on how to do facial with simply gentle strokes with amwells amwand an active tool infused with zero point field to repair the. Feline orofacial pain syndrome 10,Grover has teh fops the first symptoms are mouthing pawing then tongue sticking this can result in some quite horrendous injuries as a result of the claws.

Signs of stroke erin rumelhart rn,The common signs of stroke are facial drooping numbness of the face arms or legs uneven arm strength speech impairment and nonsensical speech al. Pemis problem 2012,10yearold male golden retriever has recently developed random periods of raspy breathing difficulty in swallowing of coughing and loud throat clearing.

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