Facial Nerve Palsy Treatment

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. And today I’m gonna show you some exercises for Bell’s Palsy. Let’s get started. Oh! Hello. So I want you to be able to see my face muscles cause Bell’s Palsy is weakness of muscles on one side of the face. So unfortunately you might want to do these by yourself because you have to make a lot of funny facial expressions. And all my patients tell me that I make a lot of facial expressions, so this is probably a good thing for me to show you. So what you want to do is do this in front of a mirror.

So you can see your muscles working and if you need to actually help them with your finger that is fine to do as well. So to start off with, you’re just gonna raise your eyebrows. And you want to do both, don’t just try and do the weak side because doing both sides will help encourage that other side to lift up. So if it was my left side, what I would do is just kind of put my finger right on top of my eyebrow and then raise my eyebrows,.

And just help with my finger bringing it up. So you probably just want to start off with maybe 10 of these cause we’re gonna go through all the muscles in the face. And you don’t want to over work them cause they’re already weak anyways. So just starting off, you know, with maybe 10. Really getting that expression and helping them if you need to. Then you’re gonna kind of move in to bringing the eyebrows in together. Almost like a angry face. So same thing, you can kind of put it on top and you’re gonna push inwards this way. So.

Bells Palsy Exercises Ask Doctor Jo

Kind of going in. Errr. It’s hard for me to make an angry face. Just kidding, lots of people see my angry face. And then just squeezing in about 10 times. Then you’re gonna move down to the nose area and you’re gonna flare your nose. Now the funny part of this is some people flare them out, but if you’re like my mother and my brother, you flare them down. So try and flare them whichever way you can, and again put your finger just near the crease and then kind of flare them out or flare them down whichever way you do that. And again.

10 times, using your finger if you need to help bring them out. Then you’re gonna move to your face, or your lips, I’m sorry. And so you’re just gonna try to make a smiley face, but, you know, this muscles not working then usually one side goes up. So just smiling. Put your finger on the corner of your lips and help pull it up and then come down. Now eventually you can try and hold the position. Right now you’re just trying to get the movement. But if you can start getting the movement a little bit, then maybe you want to hold.

It for about 3 seconds. So you’re gonna come up into a smile. Hold it. And then come back down. Again hold it and then come back down. So that’s really it, just kind of going from the eye down to the lips, helping move those muscles and making funny facial expressions as you do it. So if you have any questions, leave them in the comments section. If you’d like to check out some other tutorials go to AskDoctorJo And remember, be safe. Have fun. And I hope you feel better soon.

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