Diabetic Neuropathy And Emedicine

Welcome to health care at home In our previous episode we were discussing that how can we avoid the risk of Kidney failure We take that conversation further. See if you problem of kidney failure or have feeling that your kidney might be failed. You have suffered from high blood pressure and also have complaint of diabetes Or if your serum creatinine is increasing then you have to do this remedy To this remedy for at least 6 months and you will get relief Take 4 drops of the juice of basil leaves and add 1 spoon of honey.

And you have to consume it empty stomach, and to this remedy for the 6 months atleast With this remedy your kidney be healthier always Apart from that one more remedy can be done which is very effective Take almost 200 gms of watermelon and add i inch of ginger either finely chopped or grated Along with add 67 leaves of basil , blend them all into the blender and take out their juice and stain the juice afterwards And with the usage of this juice you will get relief in your kidney failure.

This works really well for you kidney, along with this you must use Raddish Eat Raddish along with your food or if you have problem in eating then take the juice of Raddish And you can take the 12 cup of juice thrice a time in a day Take this morning,afternoon and evening. And you will found that you have got very much relief in Kidney failure One more remedy i am telling you that will definitely give you relief in your kidney failure so those who have such problem wheat grass juice is very helpful. Take 100 ml of wheat grass juice.

Home Remedies for Kidney Failure Part2 II 2 II

If you will drink it empty stomach, you will notice that problem of kidney failure is slowly is gone To this remedy for 3 months and get your test done afterwards One more remedy i will tell you , Leave of Punarnava. Take a leave and grind it or you can add water and then make drink it like that Or else you can make its soup. Put the leaves of Punarnava in boiling water Let the water boil very well and strain that water. Make sure the extract of the leaves are in the water.

And if you will consume this water, and you will find that you are getting relief in the Kidney failure One more remedy i will tell you, you have to do this remedy after having lunch This remedy is very effectibe for who have kidney problem because of high blood pressure Take 1 onion and 7 cloves of garlic and 1 inch of ginger Put them all into the blender add some water and make its liquid paste After grinding, strain that water and take out its juice Almost 12 cup juice, you must drink it after having your food.

You will notice that your kidney is getting healthy now So, isn’t it all the remedies were very easy Rest, our wish is only that you stay healthy,busy,carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell this to your friends and relatives to subscribe this channel. Get all the health benefits while sitting at home only and do support us in our motive. Our motive, that maximum number of people should get health benefits while sitting at home. So, share our tutorial as miximum as you can. Thank You.

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