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Good morning i am Lesley hack from boca veterinary and today’s presentation focuses on diabetes which is also known as diabetes mellitus, in dogs and cats and the aim of these little presentations is to help you, the owner, understand this disease so they can better help your pet who has this problem.Here we have at very basic schematic of the body as it relates to sugar transportation.These represent the cells of the body these are all muscle cells and require energy in order to move around in.

Do the everyday functions of live.These represent the blood supply that carries the sugar molecules between the cells and this represents the brain.You may notice that the blood vessels carrying sugar go directly to the brain.However, there is gap between those blood vessels and the cells.So a sugar molecule is able to move along this blood supply and directly reach the brain without the need of anything to carry it into the brain.However, the cells have a problem.We assume this pet has just eaten breakfast.

And therefore its blood sugar is increasing as it digests its food these little red caps illustrate the blood sugar supply and their increasing because we’ve just had a meal.They are the sugar molecules are able to directly reach the brain and be used as an energy source by the brain.However, these cells are essentially starving.This is starvation amidst plenty.The cells have no way to access that sugar.The cells are standing there begging for food.There’s plenty of food they cannot get it.In the normal course of events.

The body makes insulin to help deal with this situation.In the diabetic patient who does not make any insulin we have to help.We have to supply insulin so that each and every cell is able to had some energy.Now how does the insulin work well the sugar molecule attaches to the insulin, which transports it into the cell.It detaches to be used as an energy source.Sugar attaches to insulin insulin carries it into the cell.It detaches to be used for energy.This process occurs naturally every time a normal individual has a meal.

We eat, blood sugar goes up, body makes insulin, insulin carries the molecules into the cells.The cells have energy now to do their work.However, in an animal that does not have natural supply of insulin, we have to provide these insulin molecules because if we don’t provide these insulin molecules that page is not able to utilize its blood sugar for energy.Over the course of a day this insulin in is brokendown.It is essentially removed from the body.In a patient who does not have diabetes that patient is able to make more insulin.

However, in a patient who doesn’t have a natural supply of insulin.Then as the cells to use up this energy source, they have used it up.They have no way accessing the sugar that remains in the blood supply.They can not use it.If the animal has another meal that blood supply of sugar is going increase again.The cells are unable to access that energy source.Unless we give them more insulin.And that is why it is an ongoing dynamic event.It would take place naturally every time we ate and our own pancreas made insulin.

However, in the animal that doesn’t have insulin naturally because it is diabetic we have to give that insulin, in order that the cells may utilize the sugar as an energy source.Controlling your pets diabetes is all about establishing balance.We need to establish the balance of the correct amount of blood sugar that the brain can function normally and the correct amount of insulin to carry sugar into the cells so that your pet can play with you and be happy and active, and we have to establish a diet that will.

Understanding Dog Diabetes Part 1 Symptoms And Diagnosis

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Diabetic neuropathy dangers medical course,For educational use only fair use headlines were made when a 61yearold diabetic man awoke to a grim discovery his own dog had chewed off several.

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Qa 326 als diabetes diet for dogs essential oils,Have a question for youtube the link below and select ask a youtube question for your subject. Understanding diabetes in dogs and cats,This presentation is geared to help pet owners with recently diagnosed diabetic pets understand the management of this disease.

How to test the blood sugars of a diabetic dog blood glucose reading,I found this to be the easiest way to test my diabetic dogs blood glucose levels he is a biter so i used to have to muzzle him to do this but now he is ok with me. We know how dogs sniff out diabetes,Researchers at the university of cambridge recently made the discovery. Causes of neuropathy and neuropathic pain in dogs cats,Elisabeth zenger dvm phd dacvim saim discusses some of the more common causes of neuropathy and neuropathic pain in dogs and cats learn more.

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Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes symptoms,Diabetes symptoms diabetes symptoms diabetes symptoms diabetes symptoms in men diabetes symptoms in women diabetes symptoms in children. Dog cat diabetes boca veterinary ,Dr lesley hack of boca veterinary explains how diabetes works in cats and dogs she explains how food affects diabetics differently than nondiabetics.

Diabetes mellitus part one in dogs and cats,This is part one of a series of whiteboard animation educational tutorials on diabetes mellitus in dogs and cats stay tuned for part two in the near future currently. Childs diabetes discovered by dog,A woman recently found that her 7yearold son has diabetes and it was a dog who helped with that discovery dogs are increasingly being used to detect. Symptoms of pre diabetes,Symptoms of pre diabetes diabetes type 2 diabetes diabetes symptoms diabetes mellitus symptoms of diabetes type 1 diabetes diabetic diet blood sugar levels.

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