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Peripheral Vestibular Lesion Treatment

Epley Maneuver to Treat BPPV Vertigo Normally only with head movement does fluid within the inner ear also move informing the brain that a head turn occurred however should a crystal called an otolith that gets displace into the poster canal of the inner ear, bppv dizziness occurs.Fluid movement occurs due to the crystal rather… Read More »

Peripheral Neuropathy Constipation

Stan HNeuropathyTinglingNumbness Music my name is stan, and i’m on a holiday here from canada, which i’ve been doing for the last thirty years.Over time, i’ve developed a tingling in my toes and my feet, which was getting worse all the time.I have tried some other methods, such as acupuncture, chiropractic treatments.Didn’t seem like it… Read More »

Nerve Pain Sciatica

Sciatica Animation Sciatica or sciatic neuralgia is a common condition in which one of the spinal nerve roots of the sciatic nerve is compressed resulting in lower back, buttock and leg pain.Sciatic nerve is a large nerve derived from 5 spinal nerve roots l4, l5, s1, s2 and s3.It runs from the lumbar spine through… Read More »

Alcoholic Neuropathy Numb Fingers

Peripheral Neuropahty Buring Tingling Numb Feet Symptoms Relieved DavisSpineInstitute You originally presented to the office with peripheral neuropathy, irritation, loss of sensation in the lower calves and feet.How have you been responding to our peripheral neuropathy based program and how are you doing today and tell me about your history with your condition well it… Read More »

Gluten Idiopathic Neuropathy

Epilepsy and Gluten Sensitivity Epilepsy, it effects 3 million americans and generally, we as treating physiciansas neurologistsdon’t know the cause.Certainly in some cases the cause is readily identifible, but most cases of epilepsy are what we call, idopathic, meaning we don’t understand the cause.And again, that’s 3 million americans.Now, the goto treatment for epilepsy is… Read More »

Neuropathic Pain Without Nerve Damage

Treating Neuropathy and Nerve Pain in the Feet Let me start with i’m a diabetic.I developed neuropathy, which basically you lose all sensation in the feet, but it’s over a period of time.It was very painful.I would have sensations in my feet like i was standing on fire, walking on glass.Last october it got so… Read More »

Can You Have Neuropathy In Your Arms

Tingling Feet and Hands An Early Warning of Neuropathy Tingling or numbness affecting your feet may seem like a trivial symptom of no real importance.However, in this tutorial, i will explain why this symptom may be very important with regard to your health in general and why you should not ignore it.Tingling hands, feet, or… Read More »

Gabapentin For Neuropathy Side Effects

Gabapentin To Treat Adults With Nerve Pain Caused by Shingles Overview Gabapentin is a prescription medication used to treat adults with nerve pain caused by shingles.Shingles is a painful rash that is caused by the varicellazoster virus, the virus that also causes chickenpox.Gabapentin is also used in combination with other medications to treat partial seizures.Gabapentin… Read More »

Painful Neuropathy Specialists

How Benfotiamine Helps Treat Neuropathy Hi, this is Silvester and i’m going to talk to you today about one of the supplements that we use for our patients that have neuropathy.Neuropathy can be caused by a lot of different things.The most common, in our office, is diabetes, but there are other things that can cause… Read More »

Neuropathic Pain Neuralgia

Neuralgia What Is Nerve Pain Neuralgia And How Do You Cope With It Neuralgia what is nerve pain neuralgia and how do you cope with it,In this animation we explain what neuralgia also known as nerve pain is and we give advise about treatment neuralgia is caused by nerve damage and the. What is occipital… Read More »